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Live in Bliss. Create in Synchronicity.


Carole Doré

The teachers' Teacher

With 79 years of experience, Carole Doré is widely recognized as the Leading Authority of the Law of Attraction and Visualization!

Her breakthrough discovery in 1979 and her accelerated High Vibrational method, have totally revolutionized the entire scope, terminology, and guidelines of Metaphysics.

In 1986, she founded PowerVision Dynamics, a full instructional program that teaches every aspect of the creative process with emphasis on creating through the Heart - not the mind.

A Master of Metaphysics, she has produced the largest compilation of strategic ground-breaking Law of Attraction programs and is the author of The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST!


POWERVISION® - The Most Powerful LOA Method, Creates ALL of Your Needs FAST!


Accelerates the Law of Attraction

and Creates Anything FAST!

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The BEST way to begin -
is with the Foundation PowerVision program:
Visualization - The Power of Your Heart!
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CDs or Download
Step-by-step guidelines for creating ALL areas of your life through the heart, rather than the mind.


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~ What is PowerVision? ~

POWERVISION® is a spontaneous accelerated creative method that is applied through the heart - NOT the mind.

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~ Comparison Chart ~

See the Amazing Comparison between the old slow and tedious LOA and Visualization method versus POWERVISION®.

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~ How to Proceed ~

Step-by-step, guidelines for the most beneficial way to go through the entire PowerVision Dynamics' program.



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